“Greedy Lying Bastards”: No Thanks for Wrecking the Planet

One thing Craig Scott Rosebraugh's documentary Greedy Lying Bastards cannot be accused of is hiding its point of view; it's right there in the title. Though the connection between energy companies and climate change is established early on through interviews, infographics, and (particularly) videos of natural disasters and the impact of rising sea levels on people in the Arctic Circle and on Polynesian islands, Greedy Lying Bastards is more concerned with exposing the efforts made by energy company shills like the faux-Lord Christopher Monckton to discredit scientists and convince the public that the notion of humans having an impact on the climate is nonsense. His talking points are echoed repeatedly on Fox News, and the buffoonish Monckton — who describes climate computer modelers as “typically zitty teenagers sitting in dark rooms with a can of Coca-Cola and too many doughnuts and playing on their Xbox 360s,” because that's just good discourse — could be the subject of a separate movie altogether, or at least a wasted afternoon on YouTube. At least, he would be entertaining if Greedy Lying Bastards didn't successful convey the very real danger we're in, and that liars like him are only making it worse.

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