The Kill Team Tells a Familiar Story from a Different Angle

Fog of war, bro.

Not letting good /k/ and /t/ sounds go to waste, Dan Krauss’ new The Kill Team is a dramatization of real-life atrocities committed by the United States Army in Afghanistan, which Krauss first covered in his 2014 documentary titled The Kill Team. The documentary The Kill Team was more of a courtroom drama about the way the Army hung the whistleblower out to dry, while the narrative The Kill Team is a Platoon-style battle for the soul of future whistleblower Andrew Briggman (Nat Wolff), who couldn’t be more excited to go to Afghanistan to shoot guns and prove his manhood. Under the command of alpha male Sergeant Deeks (Alexander Skarsgård), Briggman finds a far more brutal bro-culture than expected as his band of brothers kill civilians and plant weapons on their bodies—as one soldier foreshadows, you don’t win wars by zip-tying people. Briggman actor Nat Wolff’s brother Alex has tended to get higher-profile roles, especially last year’s Hereditary, which told much of its story through Alex’s silent expressions. There must be something in the Wolff DNA, for Nat’s face is no less expressive than Alex’s, and even if Nat never uttered a single phoneme in The Kill Team you’d know where Briggman is emotionally at any moment. Most actors would kill for that talent.

Rated R. Opens Friday at the Roxie.

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