Legacy Film Festival on Aging 2018

A film festival for anyone who obeys the second law of thermodynamics.

Aging happens to us all, and there’s a lot to be said for swerving into the crash rather than pretending it won’t happen. Thankfully, the eighth Legacy Film Festival on Aging is here with another mix of shorts, documentaries, and narrative films that celebrate the process of getting older as being profound and meaningful, more often than not challenging, and — to put it in the mildest terms possible — sometimes sad.

Documentary shorts of local interest include James Q. Chan’s Forever Chinatown about 81-year-old Frank Wong, who has spent the last few decades building intricate, three-dimensional dioramas of San Francisco’s Chinatown as it once was — and his plans to have them cremated along with him when he passes. It’s showing as part of the Legacy Shorts program, which also includes George Zdravkov’s Childless and Antonio Maciocco’s Achentannos: May You Live 100 Years, both of which are about centenarians. If you were born during or before America’s entry into the Great War, admission to this program is free, so your persistence has finally paid off! Of the full-length features, one of the bigger gets is Howard L. Weiner’s 2017 Abe & Phil’s Last Poker Game, featuring Martin Landau’s final performance. Marty didn’t make it to 100, but he still inspires us all to try.

Opens Friday at the New People Cinema.

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