Lost & Found

The found poetry of lost souls in an Irish town.

Anthology films are a tricky proposition, but Liam O Mochain’s charming Lost & Found gets the trick right. Perhaps because it’s written and directed by one person, it feels organic in a way so many portmanteaus do not, and not being a horror film like last year’s underwhelming U.K. anthology Ghost Stories also helps. It’s a series of seven vignettes that spiral off from a Lost & Found office at an Irish train station, where on his first day new employee Daniel (writer-director O Mochain) has to deal with a seemingly abandoned baby in a pram.

While the setup would seem to lend itself to stories about the various lost and/or found items in the office, the next six stories follow its gradually interconnected characters rather than specific objects. Some of the stories have punchlines rather than conclusions, and some have neither — “Grand Opening” is basically a series of sight gags until it takes a hard left — but they’re brisk enough that none of them wear out their welcome. The stories don’t always directly involve Daniel, and the Lost & Found office is soon abandoned as a location, because that’s not what the movie Lost & Found is about. It’s a shame we never learn the story behind that big red-and-black coffin, though.

Not rated. Opens Friday at the Vogue Theatre.

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