Mostly British Film Festival 2018

An array of films that are collectively between 51-percent and 99-percent British. (Maths!)

As with all things, there are varying levels of Britishness. Nick Park’s Early Man, also opening this week, is super-hella British. But not quite as British is the 10th edition of the self-proclaimed Mostly British Film Festival, which promises “the best in cinema from the U.K., Ireland, Australia, India, Canada, and New Zealand.” And other countries as well, as it turns out, but still, it’s mostly British. Setting aside that he’s Scottish, it doesn’t get much more (mostly) British than former Doctor Who lead David Tennant, who stars in the opening night feature Mad to Be Normal as R.D. Laing, a controversial psychiatrist beloved by the 1960s counterculture.

Meanwhile, from Ireland — and on “Irish Night,” no less — comes Gerry Hoban’s documentary A Fanatic Heart, in which Sir Bob Geldof traces the life of W.B. Yeats, followed by an in-person Q&A with Geldof. Not especially British is Trevor White’s American indie A Crooked Somebody, starring Mad Men’s Rich Sommer as a fake psychic who gets in over his head, and uber-American Ed Harris as his father. It also features national treasures Amy Madigan and Clifton Collins Jr., as well as Downton Abbey’s Joanne Froggatt, who’s a guest of the festival and suggested this film’s inclusion. It’s good to be the … um, whatever she is on Downton Abbey

Starts Thursday at the Vogue Theater.



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