“The M Word”: Henry Jaglom Revisits the World of Women

Henry Jaglom's new The M Word also features many improvised scenes of groups of woman talking about a common facet of their lives, also a frequent Jaglom signifier. The topic this time around is menopause; the title is a bit more coy than past Jaglom films, like Eating, Babyfever, and Going Shopping, but still ties into the recurring theme that what women experience as they age is not something that gets discussed in American society, let alone in movies or TV. The talking heads are interspersed throughout the primary narrative, as Los Angeles children's television performer Moxie (Tanna Frederick) hopes to make a reality show about her mother and aunts dealing with menopause, just as Moxie's TV station's new boss (Michael Imperioli) begin cutting costs, primarily by laying off older female employees. And while there are plenty of threads — including forbidden romance, workplace politics, surveillance, and Corey Feldman's curious Jersey accent — The M Word has a loose, occasionally home-movie feel. But, again, it's a Jaglom picture. That's what he does, and though his movies tend to be hit or miss, The M Word hits.

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