The Texture of Falling

A phantasmagoric trip through Portland that doesn’t signify a whole a lot.

The tricky thing about pulling the rug out from under the audience’s feet is that you have to weave a sturdy rug in the first place, and while Maria Allred’s feature debut The Texture of Falling is commendable for its ambition, it’s ultimately a very loose rug. Louisa (Julie Webb) is a novice filmmaker trying to get her first feature film about “an artist’s love affair with the city of Portland” off the ground — in spite of an action-movie producer saying her idea isn’t “viable,” surely a re-creation of a real-life conversation — while having an affair with the married-with-children Luke (Patrick D. Green).

Meanwhile, buxom Sylvia (director Allred) enters into a BDSM-heavy relationship with Michael (Benjamin Farmer, aka “Discount Mike White”), and parallels emerge between the two otherwise unrelated couples. Again, The Texture of Falling’s ambition can’t be understated, but the hyper-stylized execution leans too heavy on the sound and fury. It’s often difficult to separate the deliberate obfuscation from the sloppy storytelling, and much of the acting is distractingly amateurish even by micro-budget indie standards. However, Allred gets bonus points for not only writing, producing, costuming, shooting, directing, and editing the picture herself, but for giving The Texture of Falling a distinctive, evocative title that isn’t just a single word. It’s a good start.

Not rated. 
Opens Friday at the Roxie Theater.

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