“We're the Millers”: A Drug-Trafficking Family Vacation

No one gets high in We're the Millers, which seems a little weird for a drug-running road-trip comedy, but then it is also a movie about seeming artificially domesticated. Jason Sudeikis plays a middling pot dealer who whips up a fake apple-pie family — from a stripper played by Jennifer Aniston, a runaway played by Emma Roberts, and a virginal dork played by Will Poulter — as cover to deliver an RV-load of weed from Mexico to his stateside supplier, played by Ed Helms. It's easy enough to root for Sudeikis as a raffish foulmouthed wisecracker, briefly channeling vintage Chevy Chase or Eddie Murphy or Your Movie-Career-Conquering SNL Alum Here. But director Rawson Marshall Thurber's broad hijinks spin too easily off into a sort of perfunctory outrageousness which probably is inevitable from a story by the writers of Wedding Crashers that's been punched up by the writers of Hot Tub Time Machine. Our pseudo-Millers gamely do their requisite fleeing, squabbling, bonding, and mingling with kooky, kink-curious fellow RV'ers played by Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn. What they don't do is convince us that they weren't utterly incorrupt to begin with. At one point Aniston does a strip tease to create a diversion, presumably from her own heart of gold. She never takes it all off, but elsewhere Thurber does at least let us glimpse a swollen, spider-bitten testicle.

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