10 Things to Do This Weekend For Under $10: Noir, Art & Drunks

Friday. We made it. Let's do something fun now. Here's the list. 

Wholphin Screening @ ATA (Fri.) Among this round of selected shorts from Wholphin, the DVD 'zine from the Dave Eggers empire, comes the following gem: Werner Herzog plays the voice of a lovelorn plastic bag. Really. Do you need to know anything more? Ok. The bag is searching for its creator. And then there's another film involving Melissa Auf der Maur. Brent Hoff hosts the screening of wonderful oddities, which starts at 8 p.m., at ATA. ($6)

A Space Between Art Opening @ 1 Columbus Ave. (Fri.) We fully support the idea of a “gallery” that exists only in slippery spaces, both geographically and descriptively. The Space Between calls itself an “unreliably staffed and unpredictably open” gallery, but tonight they'll be pulling from the ether a collection of artists to exhibit a “meandering sculpture,” paintings of the inside of a clown's head, live music, a video of the Broadway Tunnel, and more from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. (Free)

Awesome Bomb Dance Party @ Element Lounge (Fri.) The awesome folks behind the DIY crafts 'n' aerobics space Workshop are having an Awesome dance party tonight to raise some funds to keep their classroom running. Swing by Element Lounge tonight after 10 p.m., hand over your $8 at the door, and dance to DJ Kelly Malone's mix of “some shit that will make it impossible to sit down.” 

SF Dump Artist in Residence Opening (Fri. & Sat.)  One of these times we're actually gonna go out to the dump and see what this whole artist in residence thing is all about. Because the idea of making new art from old trash sounds pretty cool, right? One of these days. In the meantime, we'll continue throwing out suggestions for you to head out to 503 Tunnel Ave. for the most recent opening. Tonight (5 to 9 p.m.) and Saturday (1 to 5 p.m.) the dump will be revived by artists Ben Burke and Josh Short. (Free) 

“I Still Wake Up Dreaming” @ Roxie Theater (Fri.-Sun.) “Digging deep into the murky B-movie vaults [of film noir], veteran film programmer Elliot Lavine has unearthed 28 long-unseen works brimming with sin, treachery, razor-edged one-liners, and cold, lethal lead for the two-week blowout, 'I Still Wake Up Dreaming.' The films stretch from gray war years (William Castle's The Mark of the Whistler, May 16) to the stylin' Rat Pack-JFK era (Johnny Cool, May 22), but they share a common, cynical disdain for patiently climbing the ladder one rung at a time.” — Michael Fox (“I Still Wake Up Dreaming” runs through May 27 at the Roxie, $5-$9.75, times vary.) 

Typeface @ YBCA (Sat. & Sun.) “In a small town in Wisconsin, the Hamilton Wood Type Museum houses a bygone printing factory that, one weekend a month, turns into a hubbub of printmaking activity. Justine Nagan's hour-long film, Typeface, doesn't merely document this phenomenon but pays homage to the sublime act of tactile, hands-on artmaking. The doc illustrates how a venerable technique and a vanishing craft continue to inspire a circle of graphic designers whose own work preserves a sense of history and tradition. Artisan printing, like piano building, is one of the last bulwarks of quality in a world filled with generic, mass-produced junk. Nagan appears at two screenings at Yerba Buena: 6 p.m. on May 15 and 2 p.m. on May 16. ($8)” –Michael Fox


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