'70s by the poolside

Simply Jeff is one of the country’s leading breakbeat DJs in the clubs as well as on XM Satellite Radio and iTunes Radio. Owner of DJ Culture, a record shop in Huntington Beach, Jeff has his pick of the latest platters. But what makes him a longtime favorite is his historically informed approach, blending new rhythms with classic party jams. Though he’s been highly influential in the U.K., he also champions homegrown sounds, releasing singles by rising American artists like John Kelley on his Phonomental label. At “Mighty Mog,” Simply Jeff will help the local collective Space Cowboys (distinguished by the bright orange “RIPE” logos on their posteriors) raise funds to build a better version of the party vehicle Unimog on Friday, July 7, at Mighty at 10 p.m. Admission is $15; call or visit www.mighty119.com for more info. — Tamara Palmer

For the second summer in a row, the Phoenix Hotel/Bambuddha Lounge plays host to monthly, Sunday-afternoon disco parties poolside — this time around called “Disco Bath.” A boldly blatant carbon copy of last year’s “Feather Sundays” — also monthly afternoon disco parties by the pool, created by promoters Marcia Gagliardi and Ryan Robles — this version from Joel Willmon and Nadine Saez attempts to recapture 2005’s enthusiasm for cocktails by the water, pretty people lounging in their finest summer threads, and choice ’70s-era hits. DJs Omar, Solar, Shaun, and Slaughter spin choice hits and remixes at the “Disco Bath” kickoff on Sunday, July 9, starting at 2 p.m. Admission is $10; call 885-5088 or visit www.bambuddhalounge.com for more info. — Brock Keeling

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