9 Local Albums That Came Out in November

New releases from E-40, Berner, The Y Axes, and more.

The end of the year is never a popular time to release music. Still, we’ve managed to find nine albums that came out in November from local bands and artists, and they don’t disappoint. Check them out below.

Lila Blue
The Hollows Hold the Healing
Lila Blue is a 16-year-old singer from San Francisco who sounds like a cross between Mirah, Tegan and Sara, and Regina Spektor. The Hollows Hold The Healing is a delightful and delicate assortment of acoustic guitar-laced tracks encrusted with Blue’s sturdy, athletic voice.

The D-Boy Diary 1 & 2
This double album (which mark E-40’s 26th and 27th releases), is straight hyphy to the max, replete with thumping 808s, staccato claps, and muscular bass. Tons of local rappers appear on the record, like Nef the Pharaoh, G-Eazy, and Lil B, as well as other big-name artists like Gucci Mane and K Camp.
Read our guide to the album here

Prohibition Pt. 3
The follow-up to Prohibition 2, which was released in April 2015, Prohibition Pt. 3 is full of mellow, laidback jams that make for the perfect soundtrack to chill out and smoke weed to. Fellow stoner rapper Wiz Khalifa appears on the project, as does Houston’s favorite chopped and screwed rapper, Paul Wall.

The Y Axes
Ever since 2012 with their EP Neon Street, San Francisco’s The Y Axes have been churning out textured pop ditties laced with a punk-rock edge. Umbra is the band’s second official album, and it’s slathered with thick chunks of bass and guitar and propulsive melodies that give the record an electrifying energy.

Lungs and Limbs
Big Bang
This alt-pop band from Occidental/San Francisco excels in the art of making moody, distorted, synth-forward ditties. Big Bang is exactly what its title purports it to be: An explosion of sparkling, Phantogram-esque tracks that you’ll be hard pressed not to dance to.
Catch Lungs and Limbs on Friday, Dec. 2 at Neck of the Woods. More info here.

Philthy Rich
Hood Rich 4
If you’re into gangsta rap, look no further than Hood Rich 4. With collaborators like Soulja Boy, Young Dolph, and Birdman on the record, it can be easy to miss out on the best songs, so make sure you listen to the Kash Doll-featured track, “Fuck I Look Like” and the synth-punctuated album opener, “Motivate The Hood.”

Nataly Dawn
On Nataly Dawn’s second solo album — which was recorded in her home studio up north — the singer weaves together stories from her life (like past relationships and her evangelical upbringing), as well as guitars and synthesizers, and turns them into whimsical, folk-rock gold.

Tree Thomas
Say My Name
Recorded in a mere 48 hours, this EP of clever remixes and covers features songs by the likes of Destiny’s Child, Bryson Tiller, The Roots, and Rihanna overlaced with Tree Thomas’ versatile voice.

Moe Green
In Moe Green’s new EP, the Vallejo rapper mines his memories to create a contemplative, introspective record backed by slippery-smooth instrumental production. Languid and cerebral, Green is a phenomenal project from this up-and-coming emcee.

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