A 50-Year-Old Chunk of John Lennon's Hair Can Be Yours for $12,000!

If John Lennon was your favorite Beatle then you can prove your love for the singer by bidding on a 50-year-old chunk of his hair. The sizeable bundle, which was snipped off in 1966 on the set of the film How I Won the War, Lennon's only non-musical acting gig, measures at four-inches long and is being auctioned off for the price of $12,000.

If you're wondering how the locks were saved all these years (or by whom), the answer is Klaus Baruck, the hairdresser on set who trimmed the Beatle's hair and then pocketed the scraps. 
[jump] In addition to the hairy bundle, Heritage Auctions is also throwing in “an extensive paperwork collection” that proves its authenticity, as well as a Lennon-autographed How I Won the War call sheet from the day of the haircut and two newspaper cuttings about the trim.

Right now, the listing price for this oh-so-delectable item is at $12,000, but there's still 10 days left on the auction, so who knows how high it will eventually sell for. 

Intrigued? Thinking of placing a bid? Click here for more info. 

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