A Disgruntled Fan From San Francisco Wants to Sue Kanye West and Tidal

As usual, Kanye West's tweets have stirred up a scandal.

Though the rapper claimed in a February tweet that his latest album, The Life of Pablo, would never be for sale anywhere else but on Tidal, it turns out he changed his mind. At the beginning of April, the album was available for purchase on Apple Music and for free streaming on Spotify. 
[jump] Now, a disgruntled fan has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit in a U.S. District Court in San Francisco. Justin Baker-Rhett (who, according to LinkedIn, is a history and English teacher at a middle school in Oakland) believes the rapper tricked users into subscribing to Tidal because of West's claim that it would never be for sale anywhere else.

The lawsuit states that Tidal was “quietly teetering on the brink of collapse” before TLOP was released, which “had a profound impact on Tidal's business.” Though this has yet to be proven, there's no denying that the streaming service received a big boost in subscribers from TLOP. According to Tidal, the album was streamed 250 million times in its first 10 days, which upped its global subscriptions to over three million. 

Baker-Rhett is also requesting that Tidal delete the personal information it collected on users who signed up to listen to TLOP. The lawsuit states that this information alone is worth as much as $84 million. 

“Mr. West's promise of exclusivity also had a grave impact on consumer privacy,” the lawsuit states. 

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