A Place to Bury Strangers: Show Preview

In a city overflowing with notable musicians, earning the informal title of “Loudest Band in New York” is no small potatoes. But that's what Brooklyn outfit A Place to Bury Strangers is often called, and it's an honorific the trio has seized with pride, as demonstrated by the members peddling band-themed earplugs at their shows. Led by the morose, peculiarly charismatic Oliver Ackermann, APTBS stuffs its 1980s-indebted shoegaze/post-punk with enough stormy buildups, juicy hooks, and violent energy to make speaker stacks uncomfortable. Volume aside, there's oodles of substance to this act's output. In 2012, it released both a cracking EP (Onwards to the Wall) and crackling third full-length (Worship) — two signs that these gents are riding a career high.

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