Ad Copy Fail: Animal Farm Will Delight Your Kids

Almost everyone who's sat through a high school English class is familiar with George Orwell's novel Animal Farm, a disturbing anti-Stalinist allegory in which some farm animals' attempt to ordain their own fate goes violently wrong. In short, not really a bedtime story for the kids.

Unfortunately, somebody neglected to tell the writer in charge of

penning the film's promotional material, which is probably why I found

this movie shelved in the kid's section of a video store.

In case you're thinking the movie is Hallmark-ified enough to not scare the crap out of children, check out this trailer that depicts a chicken hanging or heed the advice of New York Times writer Joseph Saino who warns “…For younger children who might be expecting a Babe-ish experience, this

movie would be a bit intense. Early on, for example, Old Major, the

aging pig who is a Karl Marx stand-in, is shown being shot and then


Your kids might be squealing, but it might be more along the lines of, “Mommy, why did they cut Babe's head off?”

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