Aerosmith Announces Bay Area Date

Though “Boston's Bad Boys”–technically they're Grandpas by now–jumped the shark several years ago, probably around the time “I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing” was featured in the God-awful movie “Armageddon,” they're no denying Aerosmith have more stamina and staying power than the Energizer Bunny on Viagra and a double-espresso.

There's also no denying that frontman Steven Tyler's lips rival Angelina Jolie's and Mick Jagger's for sheer mass. Or that guitarist Joe Perry is a more well-preserved specimen than Keith Richards, with whom he's often compared (despite the fact that Keef plays rhythm, not lead, axe). For the record, we haven't tried Perry's BBQ sauce, but we've heard it goes down well with speedballs and strippers.

All clowning aside, Aerosmith do have a shitload of unquestioned classics–including the proto-power ballad and karaoke fave “Dream On,” the nasty riff-rockers “Last Child” and “Walk This Way,” and the female-empowerment anthem “Jamie's Got a Gun,” which makes their recent maudlin pop-rock phase more bearable. Aerosmith play the Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord August 19th, along with fellow classic rock icons ZZ Top. More info is here.

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