Alabama Shakes Keep it Real at the Fox Theater, 3/5/13

Alabama Shakes

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Fox Theater, Oakland

Better than: Life before Brittany Howard.

The thing that's most notable about Brittany Howard is Brittany Howard.

When L.A. blog Aquarium Drunkard told the world about The Shakes in July of 2011, the band was no more than a humble Southern rock outfit; a quiet Facebook page boasted just a couple hundred hometown and regional fans (they picked up the “Alabama” later, either to amend the reference to alcoholic withdrawal or maybe just for SEO reasons). The few fuzzy photos that existed of The Shakes featured frontwoman Brittany Howard, decked out in floral prints, dangly earrings, square glasses, and with full command over a cherry-red Gibson SG. As rockers go, the band seemed a bit knobby and new, but utterly sincere. Aquarium's Justin Gage, a guy who commonly favors the old to the new, introduced the young band to the world as “the real — the stuff that can't be faked.”


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