All Shook Down: Battlehooch Tells Us to Do Weird Things, Plus Con Brio and Richie Cunning

SF Weekly's All Shook Down Fest: Battlehooch, Richie Cunning, and Con Brio

August 6, 2011

Regency Ballroom

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Better than: A company picnic.

Saturday night was technically our party, and we did reserve the right to cry if we so desired. Luckily, SF Weekly's All Shook Down Music Fest at the Regency Ballroom didn't have much in common with our ill-fated birthday party at the zoo 12 years ago, so no tears were shed.

The evening started with Con Brio on the main stage, with Xandra Corpora's soulful voice making a small but enthusiastic and growing crowd feel wise for having shown up on the early side.

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