All Your Favorite Artists Kicked It With Obama At The White House Today

I think it can be definitively stated that today was the most lit day the White House has ever seen. According to a barrage of Twitter and Instagram posts, it appears that many (if not all) of the biggest names in hip-hop hung out with Obama today to discuss My Brother's Keeper, an initiative to help build opportunities for young men of color. 

Peep the list below to see what rappers/singers were at the event and check out their social media posts proving it.

[jump] Rappers Who Visited The White House:
Rick Ross
Nicki Minaj
J. Cole
Pusha T
DJ Khaled
Alicia Keys (not a rapper, but still…)
Chance The Rapper
Janelle Monae (also not a rapper)
Busta Rhymes

The Proof:

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