Allah-Las to Beachify The Chapel Starting Tonight

Toting tubular guitar riffs in surf-rock tunes eerily reminiscent of the legendary Dick Dale (RIP) and harmonies that take a page from a book written by The Mamas & The Papas, the L.A.-based Allah-Las descend upon The Chapel today for a two-night residency: tonight, Dec. 30, and the following night, New Year's Eve.

[jump] The band, who met while working at Amoeba records on Sunset Boulevard, have a San Francisco tie in that all of their records have been produced by former local retro-rock-demigod Nick Waterhouse. Much like Waterhouse, Allah-Las’ sound is firmly rooted in the classics. At multiple times on their 2014 LP, Worship The Sun, you’d swear you’re listening to The Kinks. The record accomplished this year what Foxygen did in 2014 with We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic — that is, it was the most accessible retro-rock record of the year, unsurprisingly ending up on numerous year-end lists of favorites.

“Follow You Down” is a fine example of the throwback atmospheres the band creates:

Their themes skew towards the lone rock 'n' roll man: thinking back on when times were great, on missed opportunities, and how everything seems obvious in retrospect — yet you can’t help but smile about it. They’ll bring shades of garage rock that sounds better in San Francisco than anywhere else, and lucky you, you have two nights to catch them. Stay cool, dudes and dudettes, and enjoy the 2015 vibes.

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