10 New Bay Area Songs You’ve Gotta Hear

Listen to these fresh releases from Iamsu, G-Eazy, Mozzy, Max Gardener, and more!

Check out this eclectic mix of local Bay Area songs that came out in the last week. It’s a grab-bag of genres, including everything from post-disco and hip-hop to neo-soul and pop-punk.

We guarantee you’ll find something you like in this mix. 

“Never Alone”
Older Brother
Older Brother is a relatively new indie band out of San Francisco, and “Never Alone” is a guitar-filled, dream-pop ditty that sounds like something Day Wave would make, but with more oomph.

Sometimes repetition in songs can sound really good. Luckily, that’s the case in this shadowy, new Iamsu track that literally has the rapper saying the word “talk” at least 50 times.

Mikos da Gawd
While I can’t tell you what “smittens” are, what I can say is that this is one helluva song from producer Mikos da Gawd. It’s so eclectic it’s hard to pin down what exactly is going on in the 2 minute track, but suffice it to say you’ll hear laidback hip-hop beats, jazzy instrumentation, neo-soul flourishes, and a major helping of trip-hop influences.

“I’ve Arrived”
While producer Ian McKee deserves props for this song’s bumping, post-disco and new jack swing beat — which may or may not include a sample of Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” — the majority of accolades go to the emcee, Oakland rapper Beejus, who gives the track life with his scratchy growl of a voice.

“Hey, Old Friend”
Max Gardener
Complex finger-picking is the name of the game in San Francisco indie singer Max Gardener’s new song, “Hey, Old Friend.” Full of guitar and some sugary-sweet cooing from Gardener, the track is a lo-fi marvel.

“Dear XXL”
Sacramento gangsta rapper Mozzy might have relocated to L.A., but we still consider him a Bay Area artist. (And yes, we know that Sacramento is not technically in the Bay Area.) In “Dear XXL,” the emcee spits braggadocio bars directed at the hip-hop magazine XXL which will release its 2017 Freshman Class lineup any day now.

“Right Back”
Armani Depaul and Kool John
The sound quality on this new ratchet rap track is admittedly shitty, but it’s a catchy song nonetheless. Of course, it’s not near as good as other Kool John tracks (like “Bitch I Look Good” and “Blue Hunnids”), but it’s upbeat and dance-inducing, and definitely still worth a listen.

Ellisa Sun
Channeling major Amy Winehouse vibes, San Francisco singer Ellisa Sun has created an acoustic, neo-soul song that’s as near to perfect as any song could be. And even though the subject matter of the track is dour and melancholy, you can’t tell because the song is that damn gorgeous.

G-Eazy, featuring Thirty Rack
“Guala” is the first track off of G-Eazy’s new collaborative EP with DJ Carnage, and it’s a banger. Filled with menacing synths and creepy keyboard, “Guala” shows a more laidback side to the rapper, and for some reason also reminds me of Tim Burton.

“Bad Things”
True: Daydream sounds like every pop-punk band that ever existed. But so what? These San Francisco dudes know how to shred and jam out, and their music is insanely infectious. And besides, you’ve got to love a song that includes the line “I think the dog just pissed in our bed.”

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