15 Local Albums That Came Out In October

New releases from Green Day, Third Eye Blind, Trails and Ways, and others...

October was a heavy month for new releases in the Bay Area. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best albums and EPs from a range of genres that came out. Check them out below.

Own It
Trails and Ways
The Oakland band’s second album is full of feel-good, upbeat indie-rock jams.

Flames & Figures
The Seshen
This San Francisco seven-piece band mixes electronic music with R&B to create a wholly unique sound, fronted by female vocalist Lalin St. Juste. 

Revolution Radio
Green Day
The 12th album from the pop-punk band is just as unbridled and energetic as ever.

We Are Drugs
Third Eye Blind
The San Francisco band’s sixth album, We Are Drugs, is supposed to tie into their 2015 album, Dopamine, with its focus on drugs and other destructive forces in society.

Sorry About Last Night
Rayana Jay
Smooth, laidback R&B jams by the up-and-coming Oakland singer.

Max Gardener
19-year-old Max Gardener has created a masterpiece record of indie-rock goodness.

On Behalf of  the Streets 2
J Stalin
The West Oakland rapper’s sequel to his debut album of the same name has been 10 years in the making and it’s just as hard as its predecessor.

Beats Antique
Weird, wonderful, and wonky world music laced with electronic flourishes.

Electronic pop re-imagined from Magik*Magik Orchestra’s mastermind, Minna Choi.

Madame Gandhi
Glitchy electronic ditties from M.I.A.’s and Thievery Corporation’s former drummer.

On the Legs of Love Purified
Brooding, dark rock from this San Francisco band.

Blimes Brixton and Gavlyn
Hard-hitting rap from this quick-spitting San Francisco emcee.

River City Sunset
A potpourri of murky electronic productions and hip-hop beats from this San Francisco producer.

T Sisters
T Sisters
Expect loads of harmonies and string instruments in the new album from these folksy sisters.

PC Muñoz
Funk, dance, and electronic music intersect in this EP from San Francisco’s PC Muñoz.

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