6 Things to Expect at a Roger Waters Show

Don't miss the Pink Floyd frontman at Oracle Arena on Saturday, June 10.

Around 2012, Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters hinted that his performances for The Wall Live tour would be his last. But as the political and social climate began to change, Waters, a life-long activist, couldn’t help but see connections between Pink Floyd’s classic ’70s material and the current time. Not only did the band’s themes of alienation and disaffection fit in with what was going on, but Waters himself began to feel inspired to write again.

On June 2, he released his first solo album since 2005, Is This the Life We Really Want?, a trippy, guitar-heavy record, filled with soaring production and super angsty vocals from Waters.

Now on tour — which Waters says might go on for years, until he turns 75 — the musician will stop at Oracle Arena on Saturday, June 10. Here are 6 things you’ll be sure to find at any Waters concert.

1. Flying pigs.
Expect a tank-sized inflatable pig to emerge in the air at any point in the show, especially when the band is performing “Pigs (Three Different Ones).”

2. Pink Floyd jams.
Waters would be an idiot not to play any Pink Floyd classics from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band’s huge discography. Fortunately, he’s not an idiot, so expect to hear tunes like 1973’s “The Dark Side of the Moon,” 1975’s “Wish You Were Here,” and 1979’s “The Wall” — but you’ll probably have to wait until the end of the show to hear the last two.

3. Waters will get political.
Donald Trump is a current favorite focus for Waters’ vitriol, and at recent shows, he’s projected videos of the 45th president or plastered Trump’s face on the heads of his flying pig props.

4. New tunes from his solo album.
Some critics have felt that Waters played too much of his new album in one, single block, so be prepared for about four tracks from Is This the Life We Really Want in a row. Then again, given that his last solo album, 2005’s Ca Ira, was a three-act opera, this doesn’t sound so bad. At least it’s still rock.

5. Lots of lasers.
What would a Pink Floyd/Roger Waters concert be without lasers and light shows?

6. Protesters outside of the venue.
There’s a new online petition going around urging people to boycott Waters “until he renounces antisemitism in all of its forms.” It was created after Waters began urging fellow musicians to stop performing in Israel and to boycott the Jewish state. Given that Bible thumpers congregate outside of Metallica concerts, it’s not so unlikely there will be protesters at a Waters show.

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