9 Dope Local Songs That Came Out This Month


September was a rather dry month for new music, but fortunately October wasn’t. Dozens of albums dropped, along with a slew of singles and fresh releases.

We’ve gathered nine of the best loosies from Bay Area artists that might have slipped past your radar this past month. Listen to them below and let us know what you think in the comments.

1. “Running Man” by Rexx Life Raj
Fresh after the release of his debut album, Father Figure, Berkeley rapper Rexx Life Raj gives us this tantalizing, bassy single.

2. “Make It Better” by Hazel English
Dream pop impresario Hazel English combines guitar licks and twinkly keyboard melodies in her new single, “Make It Better.”

3. “Nothing To Talk About” by Rayana Jay
The last track on Rayana Jay’s new EP, Sorry About Last Night, “Nothing To Talk About” is a jazzy, languid R&B jam produced by Mikos Da Gawd.

4. “Ol’ Money” by Mani Draper
The first single to be released off of rapper Mani Draper’s upcoming album, “Ol’ Money” is a buzzy slapper that cleverly incorporates clips of Kendrick Lamar’s song “Backseat Freestyle.”

5. “Spec and Bubble” by Bells Atlas
Eclectic Oakland band Bells Atlas creates a sultry, crooning masterpiece with “Spec and Bubble.”

6. “Windowsill” by Alycia Lang
It’s hard not to be moved by the plaintive guitar chords and Alycia Lang’s emotive vocals in this beautiful, mild song.

7. “No Chill” by Kool John ft. Larry June
Listen to this upbeat, trap-inspired track by Kool John, and you, too, will have no chill.

8. “CGH” by Yared Kiflai
Little is known about Oakland rapper Yared Kiflai, but “CGH,” his first and only track on Soundcloud, showcases the young MC’s impressive wordplay and flow.

9. “Monsters” by Y Axes
Alt-rock gets a kick in the butt with Y Axes’ ferocious new single, “Monsters.”

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