A Not-So-E.D.C. Weekend

You don't have to go to Las Vegas to hear good electronic music this weekend.

Electric Daisy Carnival might be going on this weekend, but it’s not like Las Vegas is the only spot with good live music to see. British deep house producer Route 94 is coming to the Bay Area, along with a slew of other great electronic music acts, like Berlin dance artist Claptone, who always wears a mask, and Angeleno DJs Tara Brooks and Eduardo Castillo who will is playing at a Burning Man fundraiser at the Midway.

Here are our five picks of artists you shouldn’t miss.

Route 94
At Audio on Saturday, June 17
London producer Route 94 has a knack for crafting catchy, dance-flecked deep house ditties — which is surprising given that he started by producing dubstep. Arguably his best hit to date is “My Love,” which channels major 1990s Eurodance vibes, and was even used as a sample in a Yo Gotti rap song. His latest EP, House & Pressure, combines frenetic melodies with soulful lyrics, and is more sped-up and techno-y than his previous works.

At Public Works on Friday, June 16
Any Claptone show is guaranteed to be a party. The moment the Berlin producer starts spinning his 2014 house single “No Eyes,” the crowd will lose their shit, because the song is that infectious and groovy. Claptone — who, fun fact, always wears a mask — pulls from a variety of influences, like soul, Chicago house, and Detroit techno, and he always fills his songs with amusing and unique vocals. His latest single, “The Drums (Din Daa Daa)” is one of his wildest cuts yet, with major potential to become the song for Summer 2017.

Raise the Temple
At the Midway on Saturday, June 17
A broad range of DJs are joining forces at this fundraiser for “The Burning Man Temple,” which features a heavily Angeleno lineup, with acts like psych-house artist Tara Brooks and soft-handed house producer Eduardo Castillo. The event, which starts at 2 p.m., will have the requisite Burning Man art cars and playa structures, and shows will be held on both indoor and outdoor stages, which is always kind of cool.


Juan Maclean
At Monarch on Saturday, June 17
One-half of the dance act The Juan MacLean — which also includes vocalist Nancy Whang — Juan MacLean (singular) makes bassy, pounding house filled with dance-inducing melodies. The New York producer — whose last album was 2014’s In a Dream — knows how to blend disparate genres into fun dance tracks, best represented in songs like “A Place Called Space,” which is heavy with prog-rock.

At Great Northern on Thursday, June 15
French trio Telepopmusik made it big in the early 2000s with their jazzy, lounge hit “Breathe,” which was nominated for a Grammy Award and used in car commercials. Their tunes generally always feature female singers with hazy, crystalline voices, and, as their name suggests, their music is heavy on pop influences. Their releases have slowed down in recent years, but rumor has it they’re cooking up a new album, their first since 2005’s Angel Milk. 

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