All Day I Dream Comes to Golden Gate Park This Sunday

Get your groove on at Lee Burridge's one-day electronic music event.

Those who want to dance until their feet hurt should check out Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream party at Golden Gate Park this Sunday, June 25. Described as “a community of like-minded and kind-hearted souls,” Burridge’s parties — which started on a rooftop in Brooklyn in June 2011, and have since morphed into a global event — merges music with the great outdoors and tons of art. Expect slick, bumping jams, whimsical art installations, wooden mandalas, hanging plants, paper lanterns, and the like.

There’s also major Burning Man vibes at All Day I Dream parties, which have been described as “remote meeting-grounds for global Burning Man culture.”

“For many, there’s not much encouragement needed for friends and strangers to gather, dress up, dance, and have fun,” Burridge says. “I chose to invest and slowly build an environment that was also fun to be in. I chose cities initially with many Burners in them and it’s grown from there.”

All Day I Dream starts at 12:30 p.m., on Sunday, June 25. More info here.

To learn more about the set and stage design by All Day I Dream, check out this video with builder Matthew Holt.

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