Astronauts, etc.’s Anthony Ferraro is Also a DJ

Catch him spinning tunes at the after-party for One Found Sound's annual gala in April.

On Saturday, April 29, the San Francisco chamber orchestra One Found Sound will celebrate four years with a gala called LUX at Heron Arts. And Anthony Ferraro, the artist behind Oakland’s Astronauts, etc. and Toro y Moi‘s touring keyboardist, will DJ its after-party.

“We love Astronauts, etc.’s musical aesthetic,” One Found Sound says, “and we’re so excited that our audience will be able to enjoy a variety of local music in one evening.”

The combination of One Found Sound and Astronauts, etc. is fitting for a number of reasons. Both musical acts are self-made and more than a little outre. Ferraro had originally intended to become a classical pianist, but when the arthritis in his hands became too intense, he relinquished that dream and formed the indie-pop band Astronauts, etc. instead.

One Found Sound, on the other hand, was originally an experiment to see if a conductor-less, collaborative chamber orchestra that played shows in relaxed venues like art galleries and warehouses, could exist. It wasn’t long before the founders realized that it could and that there were people who wanted nothing more than to hear and see live classical music in nontraditional settings.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons why Ferraro is a fan of the orchestra.

“I grew up as a classical musician and inviting friends to my performances always felt sort of like inviting them to church,” Ferraro says. “Many people feel alienated by older music because it’s been cloistered away into stuffier spaces. The musical ecosystem only benefits when these barriers are poked at and played with. …[And] One Found Sound is helping to de-formalize classical music performance.”

To catch Ferraro behind the decks, you’ve also got to purchase a ticket to the gala. Grab some here before they sell-out!

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