Beyoncé, Green Day, and 2 Chainz Are Selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Grab yo' wallet.

It’s the middle of December which means your days of wearing holiday-themed ugly sweaters are dwindling.

If you want in on the fun (or frump), and also want to be semi-cool in doing so, here are three sweaters curated by Beyoncé, Green Day, and 2 Chainz that will blow your ugly sweater competition out of the water.

Beyoncé’s “I Sleigh All Day” pullover; $60
Talk about a play-on-words. Wear this red zip-up pullover (which also comes in green) and you can slay — or sleigh — all day.


Green Day’s Revolution Radio Ugly Christmas Sweater; $59.99
This ugly crewneck sweater is a cornucopia of random images and words, like snowflakes, laughing cat faces, and the title of Green Day’s newest album, Revolution Radio. Wear it and you’ll not only look festive, but you’ll look fanatic as fuck, too.


2 Chainz’s Dabbing Santa Sweater; $35
What’s more ugly than a bright green dabbing Santa sweater? Nothing! Well, maybe the other ugly Christmas-themed sweaters in 2 Chainz’s collection, which include one that says “Sauce” and one that references everyone’s favorite viral meme, “Juju on that beat.” But perhaps the best part is that you get to choose what color skin your Santa has. Do you want a White Santa or a Black Santa? Your call.


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