Celebrate 30 Years of Lookout! Records This Weekend

With three days of music at 924 Gilman.

OK, this is a bit confusing but here’s the deal: Lookout! Records was formed in 1987, and throughout the ’90s, it made a name for itself as a stalwart of punk-rock music, having released Green Day’s first two albums, as well as Operation Ivy’s first three.

For a while, things were going well, until around 2005 when the label ran into financial difficulties after a slew of high-profile artists on their roster (like Green Day, Avail, Blatz, Filth, Operation Ivy, Screeching Weasel, Riverdales, and Enemy You) rescinded the master rights for the albums they’d released through Lookout! Records. Their reasons? The label, they claimed, had breached their contracts by not paying the bands royalties. Lookout! ended up laying off more than half of its staff and decided to scale back from that point on. Once they started doing that, things only went downhill, and by 2012 the label closed.

And yet, starting today, Friday, Jan. 6, 924 Gilman will be celebrating 30 years of the record label. If you don’t really care about the history of the label and the politics behind why it shut down, that’s cool. It’s boring stuff anyways.

What you need to know is that for three days, fuck-tons of rad, local punk and rock bands will be playing at 924 Gilman, so if you’re into rocking out and moshing, you best not miss this.

Check out the list of bands below and find out more info on the three-day event here.

Friday, Jan. 6
Corrupted Morals
Surrogate Brains
Wynona Riders

Saturday, Jan. 7
Mr. T. Experience
Pansy Division
The Smugglers
Brent’s TV
Kepi Ghoulie

Sunday, Jan. 8
Black Form
The Jimmies


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