A Guide To E-40’s New Double Album

There's a lot going on in The D-Boy Diary 1 & 2. Here are the songs you shouldn't sleep on.

On Friday, Nov. 18, E-40 released a whopper of an album. Actually, it was a double album — The D-Boy Diary 1 & 2 — and the deluxe edition consists of a staggering 44 tracks! Rooted in hyphy and helmed by 40 Water’s characteristic voice, the record, which is the rapper’s 26th and 27th releases, features guest verses from a slew of artists, including Nef the Pharaoh, Gucci Mane, G-Eazy, Casey Veggies, Joe Moses, K Camp, Lil B, and others.

Because it’s a gargantuan project — it clocks in at a little over 2 and a half hours — we’ve combed through it and plucked out the best songs for you to listen to. And, even better, we’ve come up with labels for each song to help you navigate the lengthy record and find the bangers that appeal to you most.


The Motivational Song: “Get Money or Get Lost”

The Not-So-Hyphy Song: “Gangsta Song”

The Introspective Song: “Somebody”

The Remix of Another Song Song: “I Had It In A Drought”

The Obligatory “Bitch” Reference Song: “Broke Bitches” and “Flash On These Bitches”

The Braggadocio Song: “Tycoon”

The Club Banger: “Hunedz”

The Anti-Social Song: “Stay Away”

The Social Commentary Song: “Bring Back The Sideshow”

The Best Collaboration Song: “All I Know”

The Simplest Song: “Petty”

The Undeniably Catchy Song: “Money”

The Straight Hyphy Song: “Straight To The Point”

The Best Sample Song: “Paid Off”

The Grateful Song: “Thank U”

The Best Titled Song: “I Know A Guy”

The Slow Jam Song: “Uh Huh”

The Seduction Song: “2 Seater”

The Unconventional Flow Song: “How Do U Like That”

The Best Song: “Slappin”

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