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Recently celebrating their two-year anniversary, Another Party Fam is a group of local DJs who put on monthly hip-hop based parties with no dresscodes, no genre rules, and definitely no “weirdos standing around preying on girls and stuff.” Started by DJs Aux Cord and Kawasaki, Another Party Fam also identifies under the MoreVibes umbrella, which is a larger Bay Area collective of graphic designers, writers, and painters.

We got a chance to talk to member Aux Chord about APF’s beginnings, his personal DJ style, and his dream club rider.

Another Party Fam will be starting their monthly back up in August. Follow their website to get their latest updates. 

SF Weekly: Congrats on two years of Another Party Fam! How was it?
Aux Cord: Thank you! Still hasn’t settled in how insane that was. Ask anyone, the day’s leading up to the event I was a nervous wreck, I was worried no one was going to show up or not enough people would be there. 1015 is humongous! I threw up in the morning [laughs]. But it turned out to be amazing. TM88 and The Cozy Boys did their thing. The APF (Another Party Fam) DJs made it happen. DJ Dials trusted us to not blow it. Festival boys next year for our three-year anniversary!

SFW: Tell us about how it all got started.
AC: Another Party Fam really was a joke in the beginning just so me and my homie Francis (Kawasaki) could play music for people because no one was booking us any shows back then. We didn’t know what to call it so “Another Party Fam” seemed to be the most fitting.

SFW: What elements did you want to incorporate to differentiate you guys from other parties?
AC: The big reason for putting together our own parties was because we didn’t like the music we would be forced to listen to all night. We wanted to play music we liked. We hated dress codes so we made sure the venues’ didn’t press us about wearing hoodies and hats to the party before we ever committed to anything. All in all, just wanted to make sure we created an environment where people didn’t feel uncomfortable with weirdos standing around preying on girls and stuff. You know what our parties are about if you’ve been to one!

SFW: Who are the crew members?
AC: If I named the “crew” it would be endless…but as far as DJs, last month we introduced our newest addition Sweetest Threat, OG Kel, Kawasaki, and myself. But we are all under a bigger family umbrella called MoreVibes you actually might be part of whether you like it or not.

SFW: Tell us about MoreVibes.
AC: Let me see how to explain this…MoreVibes is an art collective/family in a sense that we are all friends and not just “co-workers.” I think people get it confused as just DJs but there are painters, writers, graphic designers, and all of the above! As far as DJs involved, my big bro Daghe is the founder and who brought me in. Red Corvette and all of the APF DJ’s pretty much too. I would say Another Party Fam is another piece to the MoreVibes puzzle.

SFW: What does it take to become a member of the Another Party Fam?
AC: Hmm, all of us were friends before anything so I haven’t really thought about “what it takes” but first thing that comes to mind is obviously a good ear for music but also a unique style of playing that would mesh well with what we already do. Oh yeah, you have to be nice person, no assholes!

SFW: Describe your personal DJ style to us.
AC: Whenever I have a show, I’ll play whatever I’m feeling that day. I be having DJ mood swings.

SFW: How did you get into DJing?
AC: Being out all the time pretty much. All my big homies we’re DJ’s, promoters, and venue owners, so just being around it all the time plus I love music so it made sense. Spam and Rob T from AMB created a dog! Love you guys! My first gig was actually at The Cellar in SF for this party called Hayari. My homie let me open up for him and I probably played for 10 maybe 15 minutes, got shook, and made him take over. It was pretty bad but whatever.

SFW: Give us the backstory on your moniker.
AC: To be honest, I couldn’t think of a better name and my first DJ set believe it or not was played off of my iTunes on my phone via “aux cord.”

SFW: Put together your dream club rider. What would be on it?
AC: Money bag. Money bag. More money bags.

SFW: What are some jams rotating on your personal playlist right now?
AC: I get so nervous when people ask me this but okay…lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of John Legend, Macklemore, The Cranberries (“Linger” on repeat), Baka, and all thanks to Prince of Berkeley, a lot of Young Thug!

SFW: What do you hope to do with the Another Party Fam collective in the next few years?
AC: The plan is to take this show on the road…maybe a college tour of some sort and share it with everyone across the country by next summer. If anyone wants to help make that happen or just wants to talk about life, please slide my DM…OK, bye!

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