Hey, DJ: Local DJ Supergroup, Players

The five DJs spill the deats on their formation and bringing eclectic dance music to the masses.

With their ages ranging from early 20s to 50s, the Players are a group of local DJs seeking to bring back a universal music experience that transcends generations. Consisting of Eli Wilkie, Kuze, Peter Clarke, Scott Carrelli, and Steve Fabus, each member brings a different era and experience to their sets that showcase their playful spirits.

We got a chance to chat with members Eli, Peter, Kuze, and Steve regarding their sound, being a group, and what they’ve learned from each other thus far.

Players presents Victor Vega happens this Sunday with Players residents at Mars Bar.

How did the Players group get started?
Eli Wilkie (EW): A strange and beautiful force of nature pulled us together like a cosmic magnet.

Kuze (K): With plenty of choices to go out in SF, we seemed to gravitate towards what the other fellas were doing: Steve’s Go Bang! parties, Scott’s restaurant and occasional big DJ gigs with me, Eli is always Eli, and Peter is really killing it with the MNML:Fun parties. What can I say? We’re natural friends.

When did you officially come up with the name and how does it reflect the vibes you bring?
EW: The name just rolled right off our tongue the moment the universe glued our souls together.

K: We’re players of music and in life. Keep it light, not so serious and with a smile at all times.

If each of you could describe your sound in a few words, what would that be?
Steve Fabus (SF): Soulful disco and house with variations of both with complimentary tech-house and techno.

Peter Clarke (PC): To be honest, I’m still finding my sound. Growing up, I was rooted deeply in jazz, and now I’m obsessed with my new love for techno and house music. If Richie Hawtin and Mark Farina had a love child, his name would be Peter Clarke.

K: Filthy.

EW: Space boogie!

Because your ages range from early 20s to 50s, how do you think that factors into what you bring to the group?
EW: We all love beautiful beats and making people dance until they are soaked.

K: Age is a number. We have a group of legends here, starting with Mr. Fabus who has seen it all in SF and still brings the pain to the dancefloor. Scott has lived many lives from advertising to global DJ and now as a chef. Eli sells fonts and seems to always be on a plane. Peter is wise well beyond his years and a wonderful spirit. I’ve gone from Wall Street hustler to patient music man. Through this tapestry of experience, we have a common bond in the dance, the mix and blend, and admiration and love for each other. It shows.

SB:I think we find what’s universal musically. There could be no modern scene without the roots of dance music culture starting with disco and classic house. So each generation learns from each other.

What’s something you learned from another member of the group?
EW: How to be more patient and sexy.

K: Enjoy the moment and let things happen.

PC: These gentlemen have taught me to be patient, persistent, and jump on an opportunity when it arises.

Will you be adding more Players to the group?
EW: If one of the players retires, moves or dies, then we may contemplate adding another Player.

K: We’re always accepting applications for like-minded folk.

Mars Bar has been a venue that’s been around for quite some time. What are something small venues like this add to the nightlife/music scene, in your opinion?
EW: A great following and family vibe.

K: Community, cozy fellowship, a specific feeling as soon as you enter the door, and that awesome patio out back!

What’s your favorite part of DJing a Sunday party?
EW: Everything about DJing a Sunday party is my favorite part…except Monday.

K: It’ll be fun dancing the afternoon away. People are a bit more free and easy and, if we have it my way, no one will be watching football!

Name a song that will describe your mood coming into this upcoming Sunday.
EW: “Something You Can Feel” – Kris Menace.

K: Phil Collins – “In the Air Tonight.” And as for a song I’ll play, Black Light Smoke’s “Lovework (DJ T Remix)”

What are you hoping to accomplish with this group of DJs in the coming year?
EW: More friends and family for the Players and Players events!

K: To find a home we love where we can spread our wings. We’re also ready to take the Players show on the road!

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