DJs Zoz and Woo celebrate 10 years of WERD., a collective of which they're both part, this Sunday at Monarch.

The musical dynamic between local DJs Zoz and Woo, together known as WOOZY, is much like a chemical reaction. Often exemplified in their live performances, Zoz and Woo use their own individual styles to challenge and respond wordlessly to each other through sound. This Sunday, they come together to celebrate 10 years of WERD., the collective both have been members of for a few years. We briefly chatted with Zoz and Woo about their partnership, first gigs, and how it feels to celebrate WERD.’s 10th birthday with the crew.

WERD. Presents: 10 YEAR with The Gang takes place Sunday, Oct. 8, at 7 p.m. at Monarch SF.

Give us a brief history of how each of you got into DJing. 
Zoz: I got into DJing at house parties in high school and college. I was always the one playing music and fiddling with speakers and such!

Woo: I started to DJ when I was 15. I learned on my uncle’s turntables in Jamaica. I then moved to Miami later on in life and got into the drum and bass scene. Then I joined the Marines stationed in SoCal, and got versed in the techno and house scene.

Where was the first club you played?
W: For me, my first “real” gig was a bowling alley in Miami for an underground drum and bass party when I was 17.

Z: The first place I ever played out was called The Attic in Santa Cruz and it was a lot of fun.

How long have you been part of WERD.?
W: I’ve been a part of WERD. the past three years but I’ve been attending the parties as a fan for a while now. I got involved with WERD through Zoz. He suggested to Nick Williams for me to play and the rest is history.

Z: I’ve been a part of WERD. for four years but I’ve been attending the party for a lot longer than that. It’s an honor to be on both sides of the booth like that!

What’s one of the best aspects of being part of the crew?
W: It is such a good community vibe with an emphasis on bringing on local talent and really good headlining talent.

Z: One of the best aspects of being part of the crew is working with so many professional artists and being able to play music for people on a weekly basis. It’s really made me step my game up and want to be a better DJ and promoter.

Is there an initiation process involved?
: Hmm … just a dedication to the cause.

How have you seen the party evolve since your involvement?
: This year makes it 10 years. The party has grown really well and organically. We get a good crowd to coming to our event, regardless if it’s a local or headlining DJ playing.

Tell us about forming WOOZY. What’s your DJ style?
: WOOZY came together pretty naturally. It’s sort of a middle ground for each of our sounds. Woo tends to play at a little slower BPM than me so I’ll bring out some slightly faster BPM music from him when we play together.

What’s the DJ dynamic like between you two? What does each person bring to the set?
W: Zoz and I are to the point that we can communicate without speaking sometimes, just from the amount of time we spend with each other.

Z: WOOZY is all about the tag session. We like to play one song each back and forth and challenge the other one to react off of what the other one just played. This way here the set remains dynamic and always changing.

What are you most looking forward to for the 10-year anniversary?
: Having all crew past and present coming together and making a wonderful night.

Z: Playing music for friends both old and new, and also having pretty much the entire crew in the same place at the same time, which I don’t think has ever happened!

What’s a track that accurately represents both WOOZY and WERD.?
Z: Any song by Wolf Müller.


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