Local DJ and Producer Anderson Chase on The Perfect Vibes For an Indian Summer

Listening to the breezy house rhythms of Anderson Chase, you’d never guess that this local producer and DJ got his musical start playing drums in metal and punk bands. Transitioning from percussion to production seven years ago, he’s spent the past couple of years formulating his rich soulful sound and honing his skills as a DJ. This past March, he released his first EP Two Days Off on local underground label Lips and Rhythm.

We got a chance to talk to Chase about his musical history, his electronic music inspirations, and what he’s got in store for the Lips & Rhythm showcase this Sunday.

Anderson Chase performs this Sunday [9/25] for Lips and Rhythm’s Indian Summer showcase at Heron Arts.

Give us a brief history of how you got into making music.
I started off playing drums in punk and metal bands. For me, the drums were the only instrument I was able to sit down and play almost instantly. I loved the intensity of playing live with a loud rock band and the effect it had on a crowd of people.

Which artists first piqued your interest in electronic music?
Luckily, I grew up with an older brother that had a broad taste in music. I remember him introducing me to jungle and drum n’ bass mixes by the likes of DJ Craze and Remarc. This style of music really resonated with me as it was just as in your face as the metal I was obsessed with at the time. I didn’t understand house or techno until I was old enough to go out and hear it on an actual sound system. That’s when a party in San Diego called Moonshake entered my life and it made a massive impact on me. I haven’t really looked back since.

When did you officially transition from drums to music production?
Although I was interested in electronic music for a long time, I didn’t make any attempts at creating it until I no longer had space to play my drums. Moving from a house to a small apartment made it impossible to play drums in a rock band. Not to mention getting four or five members of a band to show up and practice could be quite a headache at times. Making music on a laptop all of a sudden seemed a lot more appealing.

With your background in drums, what were you easily able to master in electronic music production?
I wouldn’t say it was easy to master anything in electronic music production as I feel there will always be so much for me to learn. Technology advances so rapidly and it can be hard to keep up with at times. That being said, I do think my background in drums helped tremendously with the rhythm portion of dance music. Drums and bass are the heart of the type of music I make so I think that definitely had an impact on me gravitating towards this style.

What was it like to be able to debut your first EP this past March?
Releasing music that I had made by myself in my room was a huge goal of mine for a long time. It took a while to find the right home for it but luckily I found a perfect match with Lips & Rhythm. It’s a really inspiring group of people to work with and the response has been more than I could have asked for.

Have you got anything else in the works?
I’m working on new music constantly but right now I want to focus more on playing gigs and honing my skills as a DJ. I’d like to release a few free tracks soon but they have to be just right!

This Sunday, you play a set for local label Lips & Rhythm’s Indian Summer showcase. What type of vibes will you be bringing?
I’ll be playing some deep, dreamy, funky house music. I hear the weather is supposed to be amazing this Sunday so it should be a perfect fit for my style.

What does your perfect Indian summer day look like?
Sun on my face, refreshment in hand, surrounded by my best friends and incredible music. Sounds a lot like this Sunday!

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