If You Like Jeremih…

... then you'll like Rayven Justice.

If you like Jeremih‘s sexy voice and get-you-in-the-mood music, then chances are you’ll probably like Oakland’s Rayven Justice, too.

Both Jeremih and Rayven Justice have made names for themselves as smooth operating ladies’ men, with a penchant for singing about love and, more importantly, sex. While their music is rooted in R&B, both artists bring pop and hip-hop sensibilities to their craft, and have a knack for coining catchy hooks and bangers that work equally well in the club or the bedroom.

Rayven Justice’s 2013’s piano-laced anthem, “Slide Thru,” is what catapulted him into the spotlight, and the song has since been remixed by the likes of Migos and Waka Flockka Flame. Other standout Rayven Justice tracks include “Hit Or Nah” and “Between Your Thighs.”

Read all about Rayven Justice in our 2015 profile and listen to “Hit or Nah” below.

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