Kanye West Told Fans He Would Have Voted For Trump

Shame on you, Yeezy.

Last night, during Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour stop in San Jose, the rapper told the crowd that he didn’t vote, but if he had, he would have checked the box for Trump.

While this is gross and sad to hear from someone who once decried George Bush because he “doesn’t care about Black people,” West’s endorsement of Trump is not that surprising. West has always been a polarizing figure, and even more so in the last year or so. Plus, like Trump, he’s a megalomaniac, so perhaps he feels a kinship with The Donald for sharing that trait?

A fan captured this video of Yeezy declaring his support for the president elect. And it appears as if the crowd was just as surprised as we are to learn of West’s dirty little secret because the majority of them boo-ed the rapper after he gave his short speech.

Read the highlights of Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour stop at Oracle Arena here

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