Depressed? Perhaps You Should Be Going To More Concerts

If you’ve been feeling blue lately, it might be because you haven’t been attending enough concerts or festivals lately.

According to a new study from Victoria’s Deakin University in Australia, people who regularly attend live music events are happier than those who don’t.

Out of the study’s 1,000 participants, those who experienced “communal musical” events were the most likely to be satisfied with their lives, compared to those who merely listened to music alone, albeit on a regular basis. In fact, the study also found that those people not only didn’t experience a similar positive effect on their wellbeing, but that they had shorter life spans altogether.

For those of us (myself included) who prefer solitary music listening experiences to collective ones, perhaps it’s time for us to change our ways, and start saving up money to buy a ticket to next year’s Coachella. Sure, you might be a few hundred bucks poorer, but you’ll live longer. Worth it? I’d say so.

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