Sing Us a Song: SF Man Gets Drunk, Creates Piano Pound

A couple of years ago, someone dragged a piano up Bernal Hill and the entire city was better off for it. Last year, some creative minds set up a bunch of pianos in the botanical garden to make people’s lives better. And the city even has a guy who rides around with a piano attached to his bicycle.

It’s easy to find stories of pianos in public, because pianos are awesome and it’s hard not to love their sound. They bring joy to people. They’re like the kitchen of instruments — the place where all the party guests inevitably gather and mingle.

So it’s worth noting that now, thanks to the wonders of alcohol, San Francisco has its very own Piano Pound. The idea behind the new website is pretty simple:

“They used to say only coffin makers and piano builders would never be out of a job, but today in the San Francisco Bay area, that’s no longer the case. Faced with high rents, a declining arts scene, and steep hundred-year-old staircases, pianos are a free commodity. This site seeks to find great pianos homes, so that they might once more bring joy and creativity.”

A guy named Silas Moon created the Piano Pound earlier this week, after getting drunk and browsing the free items on Craigslist. In its infancy, the site acts as the middleman between people looking for free pianos in the Bay Area and beyond and listings of free pianos on Craigslist. But Moon added a whimsical flair to the site by giving the pianos their own personalities. Take, for instance, the description for Thompson “The Gun” Shackell:

“Many a dawn has risen on Thompson Shackell. Father to none. Brother to many. Butcher to all. This ain’t his first rodeo, and by-God’s grace, it sure as hell ain’t gunna be his last. 20lbs of Austin black-powder, two quarter sticks of dynamite and Federal Marshall Rutherford couldn’t stop Gun. Known by his signature bolo tie, he’s got a mountain of grit. The question is, ‘Do you got the chops to meet him at dawn?’ ”

Right now, the site has a dozen or so piano profiles listed. Hopefully, more pop up if only for the captivating stories behind the pianos that Moon created. If you’re in the market for a free piano, or just have some time to kill, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy this.

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