Hot Off The Press: Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew

Get yo' hands on this new tell-all about the pop-punkers' early days before they achieved mainstream success.

It’s almost hard to imagine what the now-behemoth punk band Green Day was like before they became massively famous.

But, back in the late ’80s, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool were just a bunch of bored, curious high schoolers, looking to create their own tunes and play shows wherever the fuck they could land a gig (even if it was during lunchtime on the schoolyard). 

Today, a new book dedicated to the seminal pop-punkers has come out that “captures the band at the cusp of mainstream success.” Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew — written by Michael Sharon and Tim Kenneally — is also chock-full of dozens of never-before-seen Green Day photos, which helps paint an intimate picture of the young dudes before their careers took off. 

“The amazing thing about Green Day during this period was that even though they were in their very early 20s, they were already incredibly evolved and self-aware,” Kenneally says. “Like the Beatles, who had also honed their craft for years in less-than-ideal circumstances, Green Day was fully ready to take on the world — even if the world didn’t realize it yet.” 

Grab a copy of Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew here!


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