Premiere: “Allnighter” by Good Help

There's some majorly retro alt-rock vibes in the San Francisco band's new single.

There’s a distinctly ’90s feel to San Francisco band Good Help‘s new single, “Allnighter.” Sort of a pop-meets-rock hybrid, it makes me think of classic pre-millennium songs like “You Get What You Give” by New Radicals.

As it turns out, the ’90s vibe in “Allnighter” and the other tracks on Good Help’s upcoming, self-titled album are there because some of the songs were actually penned in the ’90s.
August Churchill, the musician behind Good Help, grew up in Sonoma County in the ’80s and ’90s, cutting his teeth in nascent Oakland bands, before making the jump across the Bay to S.F. around the turn of the century.

Though Churchill has been making music pretty much his whole life — except for a short break in the early 2000s, wherein he experienced a major depressive period that may or may not have been brought on by not making music — he’s only now releasing his first ever solo album at the age of 45.

Sort of like a greatest hits record, Good Help is chock-full of sparkling alt-rock gems that Churchill self-produced and mostly self-performed over the years.

“Allnighter” is a particularly upbeat, jangly cut, replete with buzzing synths and a medley of instruments that give the song a celebratory feel. Though Churchill initially wrote the song “about a certain girl on a certain night,” it has since morphed into a more meaningful tune for the artist, serving as a reminder not to never lose track of the things he holds dear — like music — again.

“It came to be about remembering some footnotes of my life, both sweet and sad,” Churchill says. “Ultimately, it’s about returning to the more fun times and making happier memories.”

Catch Good Help’s record release party at Bottom of the Hill on Friday, June 30.

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