Premiere: “Boomin'” by Rexx Life Raj

Don't sleep on this Berkeley rapper-singer. Just. Don't.

Listen up, people: Rexx Life Raj (yeah, it’s a mouthful) is the up-and-coming Bay Area artist to know. Why? Well, there’s a few reasons. Not only does the Berkeley native rap, but he also, in true Drake fashion, sings, too. Plus, he has an uncanny knack for coining resonating phrases and catchy hooks, like “I think I might have a motherfucking problem,” “Young Wardell, taking shots, swish,” “Yay on my bros, just like Mufasa,” and “Got me feeling like a dad right now.”

In his new Drew Banga-produced song, “Boomin’,” premiered on SF Weekly today, the 26-year-old croons and laments about the lame people and haters in life who you just can’t seem to get away from. Over a glitchy, electronic beat — that for some reason makes me think of a huge room filled with ticking, analog gadgets — Raj sings, “They gon’ hit you up when they want something / Fuck you talking ’bout? / Bitch you want something I don’t know / Get the dough and split it with my dogs / You see our section going off, going off / ‘Cuz we boomin’.”

The song, he says, “is for anyone dealing with people they don’t really fuck with, but put up with in social situations. Even though you actually wanna lay vicious hands on them, you think about it and let it go, because you[‘re] bubbling up right now and shining on everyone who doubted [you].”

Read our feature on Rexx Life Raj here and stay tuned for more about the on-the-rise artist. 


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