Premiere: Eradicate Winter Blues With The Band Ice Cream’s Sunny, New Track, “Mexico”

Grab yo' sunscreen for this ditty.

I don’t know about you, but my favorite time of year in S.F. is definitely not the winter time.  I mean, it’s not as terrible as, say, Connecticut is in January, but it ain’t no (warm) walk in the park, either. 

Fortunately, if you’re like me and can’t actually get out of the city, there’s always the option of turning to music as an escape. This is where The Band Ice Cream‘s new track “Mexico” comes in.


Slathered in upbeat, burbling guitar, this charming, lollipop rock track will (not literally, but figuratively) make you feel phantom rays of sun on your back and get your armpits all sweaty. Upbeat with alternating verses from each member of the San Francisco band, “Mexico” is the perfect antidote to beating the winter blues and a great “goals” song, to boot. Before you know it, you’ll be planning a trip to Mexico or somewhere equally as sunny, and hey, you might even find yourself working out at the gym to get in shape for your future beach-scapades, or holding back on buying those black suede booties so that you can save up for your impending trip. 

It might sound like I’m just talking shit, but I gotta admit: After listening to the song four times in a row, I’m in a great fucking mood. And, it turns out that’s the whole point of the track.

According to The Band Ice Cream‘s vocalist and guitarist Kevin Fielding, “Mexico” is all about reminiscing on good times, like “that one summer your friend bought a beater car and drove it to Tijuana and it miraculously made it and you met Veronica and you thought you were too young for real love and now you look back with optimism every time the sun sets pink.”

This sweet, little ditty — which the band considers their “own little ode to “Girl From Ipanema” — comes out on their debut album, Classically Trained, on March 10. 

So listen to the song, pull up on your web browser, and start online shopping for some new sunglasses, ‘cuz you’re gonna want a pair after you listen to this song. Trust. 

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