Premiere: The Holdup’s “Dumbluck”

Let this reggae fusion song transport you to the islands.

Sick and tired of the Bay Area and its mercurial weather? Then listen to San Jose band The Holdup’s new track “Dumbluck,” because it sounds like exactly like the kind of stuff you’d hear on the radio in Hawaii.

“Dumbluck” is the first track to be released off the reggae fusion band’s forthcoming album Leaves in the Pool out December 1, which marks the quartet’s first record since 2013. While obviously rooted in reggae, the track blends hints of pop and hip-hop to create a laidback, catchy track about luck.

“It’s really easy to forget sometimes just how much you have to be grateful for,” says lead singer and guitarist Mike Garmany. “This is a song about one of those moments.”

Catch The Holdup on Friday, December 16 at Social Hall. More info here

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