Premiere: “In The Morning” by Andrew St. James

This rollicking indie-rock song should be the first thing you listen to when you wake up.

Sometimes the best ideas come to you in the morning, which is exactly how San Francisco singer Andrew St. James’ new track “In The Morning” came to be.

The musician — whose first “job” was singing in the San Francisco Opera at the age of 10 — penned this rollicking indie-rock track when he was living on the East Coast for a brief spell.

“I think it was the cusp of spring,” St. James recalls. “I was with some buddies — I don’t really remember what we were getting into; some sort of debauchery, no doubt — when the song came to me.”

St. James sat down behind the piano and recorded a quick demo version of the folk-laced song filled with ebbs and crescendos. Though he says he “jammed out” to the song for about a month, he eventually forgot about it and it got lost in his back catalog.

While working on his third album, The Big Ole Veronica Apology Record — which comes out Friday, June 16 — St. James delved into some of his older works and rediscovered “In The Morning.”

“The song still feels really right to me, which is unique considering I wrote it at a different point in my life,” he says. “It’s one of my favorite cuts on the record.”

Stay tuned for St. James’ upcoming record, and in the meantime, check out his previous releases, Doldrums and The Shakes.

You can also catch Andrew St. James in concert at Swedish American Hall this Friday, June 16.

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