Premiere: Listen to Kandur’s Debut EP Fantasy

For a guitar-centric record, it doesn't get much better than this.

San Francisco band Kandur’s debut EP is about as schizophrenic as a record could get … and it’s lovely. A bevvy of sounds, moods, and genres permeate each guitar-laced track on Fantasy, which frontman Ilker Kandur recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley with help from drummer Dawn Richardson.


The EP, which comes out Friday, Feb. 24, starts off with “Did You Ever,” a bluesy number filled with tangy, Western guitar, before shifting gears with “Save Me,” a hard rock, black metal-inspired track. By the time “Go” comes around, the vibe has shifted to punk-flecked, emo rock, with a slight Taking Back Sunday edge. The record closes on an upbeat note with “Sail Away,” a pop-y, indie-rock tune about leaving your worries and cares behind you.

With its unusual range of songs, you might think Kandur is a band still trying to find its sound, but that, it turns out, is not the case. The randomness of each track, Kandur says, was totally intentional.

“When I first moved to San Francisco, I spent about two years exploring the Bay Area music scene,” the Turkish frontman says, “…[and] after meeting loads of musicians from different backgrounds, I started to understand that I needed something that would stand out — something that would help me introduce myself, my ideas, and my musical tastes to others.”

Catch Kandur’s EP release party at 9 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 25, at Rickshaw Stop. More info here

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