Premiere: “Off the Grid” by Go By Ocean

This shimmery indie-rock song belies a dark truth.

If Oasis and My Morning Jacket had a love child, it would be Go By Ocean.

The San Francisco indie-rock band, which is helmed by singer and guitarist Ryan McCaffrey, had been a longtime in the making. After years of what McCaffrey calls “dark hours,” he finally put out his first Go By Ocean album in 2015, Paper Thin Hotel.

Now, he’s following it up with Sun Machine, a lush, textured record filled with mellow rockers and poetic ditties, that was recorded in the span of a week at Panoramic House Studio in Stinson Beach.


Premiered today is “Off The Grid,” the second single to be released from the album. An amalgam of various subgenres and influences, you can hear bits and pieces of shoegaze, psych-rock, and even Britpop in the track, which gets more rousing the longer you listen to it.

Despite the song’s sunny disposition, McCaffrey says it was inspired by a rough time in his life when he was stuck between “addiction and isolation.”

“I was stuck at a dead end,” he says. “I chose to live there for years because the dues I had to pay trying to get healthy were too painful to confront.”

Fortunately, those days are behind McCaffrey, and he can now use those dark times as fuel for his creative endeavors.

Catch Go By Ocean’s record release party at 8 p.m., Saturday, April 22, at Doc’s Lab


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