Premiere: “Outta Town” by Tommy & Company

Themes of gentrification are woven into this fuzzy, slow jam.

On first listen, Oakland singer Tommy & Company‘s new track “Outta Town” sounds like a love song, an ode to a girl who’s “from outta town / Tryna shut it down.” But that’s not exactly right. 

The song, which is Tommy & Company’s second official single and was produced by Ian McKee and Basehunt, is actually a parable about gentrification framed around an experience the artist had with a close friend who came to visit Oakland.


“She kept commenting on how she wanted to move to Oakland for the city’s genuine culture,” the 22-year-old says, “yet her words reminded me of the recent waves of development in lower-income neighborhoods leading to the displacement of folks that are really from The Town.”

Over slinky synths and a languid, slow jam melody, Tommy & Company coos about what he calls “the conflicting emotions that have fueled gentrification [in Oakland].” 

The best part about this song, though, is that it bangs. Sure, it’s got an important message behind it (which is always nice), but the track never gets too heavy or pessimistic that you can’t vibe out to it.


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