Premiere: “The First Big Number” by Greater Sirens

The San Francisco band proves that there's no such thing as too much guitar.

If you’re looking for some major Joy Division and Gang of Four vibes, look no further than San Francisco band Greater Sirens, whose single, “The First Big Number,” we’re premiering today.

Filled with thick slabs of bass and noodling guitar, this textured, filled-to-the-brim indie-rock ditty — which is on the band’s upcoming debut album, Unnatural Causes — will transport you to post-punk heaven.

The 10-year-old band tackles the joys of getting older in “The First Big Number,” or rather the lack thereof.

“Suddenly my closest friends are dressed up in disguise,” sings frontman Greg Andresen in the song’s opening. “And when I mention their names, I’m only turned away / Now everyone around me’s telling lies.”

“[It’s] about the feeling of disillusionment that comes with aging,” says Andresen who culled inspiration from a Billy Collins poem called “On Turning Ten” when writing the single. “At some point, or at many points while growing up, I realized the world is a lot different from how I’d pictured it as a child. I became aware of all these awful things happening everywhere and of how much of a struggle life can be.”

He’s got a point, but fortunately the sordid truths hidden in “The First Big Number” are cushioned between buzzy keys, rollicking chords, and some insanely hypnotic melodies.

Catch Greater Sirens at 8 p.m., Friday, April 7, at the Uptown in Oakland. More info here

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