Premiere: “Tsunami” by Crashing Hotels

Recommended for those who like synthesizers and retro dance music.

Ah, farty synths. How I love thee.

If you, too, have an affinity for keys and synthesizers, then give a listen to Crashing Hotels’ new track, “Tsunami.” The energetic, nu-disco number is so infectious that you’ll be dancing to it in no time, without even realizing the somberness of its subject matter.

Calling it “an expression of respect,” the San Francisco band says the song is actually about the tsunami that hit the Eastern coast of Japan on March 11, 2011.

“The melody and cadence of “Tsunami” is meant to emotionally inspire listeners to dance and sing along with the band, so that they as well can share their love and respect for the lives lost,” Crashing Hotels adds.

“Tsunami” is the second single off the duo’s second album, Exploration Exploitation, which is being unveiled through one track each month.

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