Premiere: “Vibez” by Dirtwire

The Bay Area trio, comprised of musicians from a slew of local bands, fuse electronic elements with the sounds of world music.

Listen to this new single by the Bay Area trio Dirtwire and you’ll understand why the band goes by that name. Filled with grungy strings (from a slew of wide-ranging, world instruments), “Vibez” is a wordless ditty that is great for zoning out or turning up.


The five-minute track starts with a frenzy of exotic-sounding strings and what sounds like the clopping of horse hooves, before the bass drops and deeper-toned, electronic elements seep in. The rest of the song is filled with peaks and valleys of familiar and off-kilter sounds, like sloshing water, flutes, violin, and harmonized “ooohs.”

“Vibez” is the first single to be released from Dirtwire’s upcoming album, Showdown, which comes out March 9. As for Dirtwire, if it doesn’t sound familiar, then the bands that each of the three members come from certainly will: David Satori is in Beats Antique, Evan Fraser is in Bolo, and Mark Reveley is in Jed and Lucia.

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Catch Dirtwire in concert on Thursday, March 2 at the Independent. More info here

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